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Keni Titus shares stunning new single ‘american spirit’

The sweet, melodic vocals of Keni Titus are back with heartfelt, stripped back single ‘american spirit’, as she continues to make her mark on today’s soft indie scene.

The new single follows Keni’s release of ‘if u want’ in June, and further demonstrates the extent to her divine vocal abilities and dreamy use of instrumentation to whisk you away to a place of serenity. She is an effortless talent to be emerging from the US right now and aims to share her experiences through songwriting as a way of turning the page on those times.

Keni describes the new song as a track “about a piece of myself I gave away because I felt it was expected of me to do so. At the end of the day though you can’t pretend to be something you’re not in order to keep someone.”

‘american spirit’ is a deeply earnest and emotional track, for it is based on an especially potent heartbreak. It is cathartic in the sense that she expels those pent up emotions, and brings the feelings to life with her storytelling lyricism.

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