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Lana Del Rabies shares new track/video ‘Prayers of Consequence’

Lana Del Rabies has shared a second track from her forthcoming album, STREGA BEATA, set for release March 17 on 2XLP/CD/Digital through Gilgongo Records.

The album begins with the ominous scorn of the all-knowing, intangible creator in ‘Prayers of Consequence,’ with the lyric “You don’t know, what I’ll show,” coming in after the thundering kick of hypnotic, ritualistic drums and a delicate looped piano sample over a deep bass drone. The song moves into a layered, rhythmic warning from many voices, about the consequences of brutality and apathy, and the saga of a deity grappling with a man-made apocalypse.

The accompanying video is a collaborative effort between 5 American artists residing the southwest to bring the mystical and allegorical imagery of the song to life. Louise Saafi, Adam Cooper-Terán, Abraham Cooper, and M. Dean Bridges all collaborated to film various rituals performed by Lana Del Rabies over a span of 2 years in different landscapes of Arizona. A majority of the imagery was conceived between Sam An (Lana Del Rabies) and Louise Saafi in 2021 to depict and embody the multifaceted “Mother” creator figure that narrates STREGA BEATA. All of the artists involved collaborated to find environments that would be the setting of these rituals and shot their perspective of the events. These rituals are intended to transmute grief around violence and loss, in and of the natural world. The final product is a collaborative phantasmal vision between An and Cooper-Terán’s editing.

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