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Photo credit: Marcus Giesen

Laura von Mari shares savage new single/video ‘F**k You’

LA-based indie pop artist Laura von Mari releases her single and music video ‘F**k You’ today.

Bitter lyrics expertly juxtapose the lighthearted and bouncy sound of the production, resulting in an infectious track sure to have you bopping your head while cursing your ex at the same time. The music video dripping with Y2K vibes tells the story of Shapiro’s real-life failed romance that went sour after her ex-girlfriend let her party habits and obsession with being cool overpower their relationship.

On the song’s inspiration, Laura said, “I first put pen to paper on the lyrics for ‘F**k You’ back in 2019 while I was living in London. I had gone through a breakup and left behind a friend group before I moved to the UK and was sick of feeling sad. I was ready to be angry. The specific references in the song are a big middle finger to one or two bad actors from my past. I won’t name names but it felt good to tell a few people to go fuck themselves…perpetually.”

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