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Photo credit: Frederike Wetzels

LAWN CHAIR share new single ‘Punkrock Band’ 

Ever since their stage debut in late 2021, German-American art punk band LAWN CHAIR has quickly gained recognition in the German indie scene with a guitar-driven energetic sound, Claudia Schlutius’ powerful stage presence and meticulous songwriting.

Last month, the band released ‘Sunset Heartbreak’ and have followed that up with new single ‘Punkrock Band’.

On their new single ‘Punkrock Band’ Claudia Schlutius says: “Don’t we all sometimes just want to start a band and live the glamorous life of rock stars cruising the streams of showbiz? Probably not, which is why the maddeningly cheerful acoustic guitars in all their glory of the 90s contrast the ambition the lyrics provide. Looking at you Michael Stipe,” she continues.

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