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Photo credit: Nick Helderman

Lena Hessels releases ambient new single ‘6’

To celebrate the release of her her innovative EP then when will it, ambient Dutch artist Lena Hessels shares her captivating new single ‘6’. This is the second of a series of three EPs Lena plans to release, produced by Tender Blom (Pip Blom).

Each track has the incredible ability to completely submerge the listener, surrounding them with haunting, visceral soundscapes and Hessels’ evocative lyrics and whimsical vocals. Combining minimalist pop with ambient tones, then when will it perfectly encapsulates the Lena’s sense of vulnerability within this coming of age EP.

Talking about the EP, Lena elaborates, “its really about the stuff that I’m dealing with as a young adult and trying to be open about it. I’m not trying to be cool, there are no frills, its just personal and honest. The focus track ‘6’ is about my mental health during a period when I wasn’t doing very well and how I got better. I feel like that time is always going to be a part of me but that’s ok because things will always get better”.

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