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Photo credit: Olivia Sofia Ferrara

Lexie Carroll announces new EP and shares video for ‘Laundry Detergent’

London-based singer-songwriter Lexie Carroll announces her upcoming EP you look lovely when you’re living, out June 19 via 7476. This announcement comes paired with romantic and adoring ‘Laundry Detergent’, and follows previous emotive offering ‘Evelyn’.

‘Laundry Detergent’ speaks of that all encompassing headrush that comes with the early stages of falling in love. She explains, “This ones about the awkward but sweet part of starting to fall for someone and just wanting to be around them all the time.”

you look lovely when you’re living is a title that speaks for itself. For Lexie, life has been on pause for a long while. From battling with her mental health, to her vital adolescent developmental years being ripped out from underneath her by the grips of the pandemic, she shares that she “barely remembers” life before, but coming out the other side of it all has given her a new lust for life. “I’ve felt like I’m experiencing so much, so strongly, for the first time.” She’s embarked on a journey of accepting and celebrating all the feelings that come with being alive, and has come to realise there’s magic and joy in the ordinary.

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