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Lizzie Esau launches ‘Wait Too Late’, her biggest and boldest release to date

‘Wait Too Late’ is the second of a series of releases that will be dropping over the 1st half of 2024 for Lizzie Esau.

Lizzie elaborates “I’ve had this song in my repertoire for a while now and it’s been one that all of us loved. It was just about giving it the right production and the right amount of time to bring the best out of the song. Initially coming up with the repeating synth part that acts as a backbone. At the time we were rehearsing ‘Fools Gold’ by the Stone Roses for a live session, I found the beat of it and the strong tambourine so infectious and a big inspiration for ‘Wait Too Late’.

“For me it’s a powerful, emotive and very political song. It speaks about what is happening in the world right now – the lyrics “Far, cry, war, rage, we fear, in pain, and take, no blame” referring to how we sit back and watch the tragedies around the world unfold and it feels like we’re powerless and useless to make a change. The repetitive chorus part “make a change, make a change” is almost a mantra-like call to action, speaking to myself as much as anyone else.

”We’re killing of the wildlife and we’re emptying the seas, to Sill them with bodies who longed for shores they’d never reach” is the strongest lyric in this song, I remember writing it and feeling as though I’d Xinally found a way to capture some of my biggest frustrations about the world. How we normalise one tragedy of destroying the planet daily and villainize those Xleeing from persecution, rather than seeing them as the victims.”

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