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Lizzie Esau releases new single ‘Cool’

‘Cool’ is a song that has been owning its place in the live set for a while. Its’ playful energy and matter of fact lyrics have always made it a fan favourite. It was clear that the at some point it was going to shine as a single… Perfectly timed and ready for 2024 festival season.

Lizzie elaborates “I wrote it while I was at Uni and felt an overwhelming amount of imposter syndrome. I found it difficult to make new friends and fit into a group of people around me. I felt I was just not cool enough.” The song follows an internal monologue through the feelings of not fitting in and having social self doubt. The verses are insecure and self deprecating, contrasting with the choruses which offer an irreverent ‘who the fuck I’m I trying to impress anyway’ response.

‘Cool’ is a clarion call to all the misfits – you don’t need to fit into the crowd, just cut your own path and be comfortable in your own skin. ‘Cool’ was recorded at Blank studios with Lizzie and her band. Co Produced by long time collaborator Steve Grainger and Producer / Engineer and Tutor Lisa Murphy. Lizzie adds “We worked with some great music students at Blast Studios who helped Lisa engineer the recording. It was a fun process to have so much young energy on the track and great to work with a bigger team and bring it to life.”

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