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LOONY just can’t let go and ruins ‘A Good Night’ on new single

LOONY, aka Scarborough, Ontario’s Kira Huszar, today shares ‘A Good Night’ via AWAL, and produced by great friends and Grammy nominated collaborators Akeel Henry (Jamine Sullivan, John Legend), Dan Farber (Lizzo) and Aaron Paris (Kanye West, Drake). The mature but playful song reads like a one-sided conversation or voicemail message, leaning into a breezy, classic melody with epic Motown-like harmony stacks.

‘A Good Night’ begins with a traditionally LOONY sounding harmony stack, ominous and haunting with a barely noticeable vocal sample quietly sitting in the background. After a quick 8 bars we shift into a bouncy guitar based loop that excels within its restrain allowing LOONY’s heartfelt lyrics and supernatural vocal ability to shine. There’s a playfulness in the song that goes as deep as the production. Loopy and over-tired, Akeel, Adam, and Loony at one point mic’d a leaf for texture, and it made the final cut.

Of the track, LOONY shares, “‘I’ve definitely ruined what was supposed to be a good night before, because I wasn’t willing to let something go. I had questions that needed answering, or feelings I had to get off my chest. It’s not always worth it, you definitely end up being the villain. But I can’t really pretend like everything’s cool if it’s not.”

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