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Photo credit: Kristina Dittmar

LOONY shares new single ‘Old Friends’

LOONY, otherwise known as Scarborough, Ontario’s Kira Huszar, shares her first single of 2023, the characteristically soulful and sunny single ‘Old Friends’, released via AWAL and produced by great friends and Grammy-nominated collaborators Akeel Henry (Jamine Sullivan, John Legend), Dan Farber (Lizzo) and Aaron Paris (Kanye West, Drake).

‘Old Friends’ took shape during a spontaneous and intimate jam session in Los Angeles, and sets a traditionally LOONY-esque, soulful backdrop for the summer, accurately encapsulating her timeless writing style and effortless vocals. With inspiration from the likes of Erykah Badu, Sade, Alicia Keys, The Roots and Etta James, the mature yet playful song reads like a one-sided conversation, leaning into a breezy, classic melody with epic Motown-like harmony stacks backed by raw lyrical emotion.

LOONY says, “Sometimes, when it’s all over, you never talk to that person again. Other times, time passes, and you find yourself absent-mindedly smiling thinking of them or even reaching out to see how life’s treating them. But it’s not like it was before – it’s platonic now. The intimacy from what was once romance remains, it just looks a little different. You’re able to just look at that person for who they are, for you know them quite well, and they know you. You roll your eyes at them just the same, but all the hurt is gone. Or most of it, at least. There’s something really sweet and singular to me about those moments, about those relationships. When relationships can often go so ugly, it’s a privilege when it ends to gain an old friend.”

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