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Celine Love shares reflective new double single ‘Temporary Tattoo’ / ‘No Longer Fun’

Following the success of her debut EP Aquarius SZN, London-based singer-songwriter Celine Love returns with a double single release – ‘Temporary Tattoo’ and ‘No Longer Fun’.

The new music sees the multifaceted artist produce her own music for the first time. Written and recorded in her bedroom, each track explores different fears when it comes to opening your heart up to someone.

‘Temporary Tattoo’ is a dreamy blend of Celine’s acoustic roots with indie, soul and R&B and is a reflection on negative thought patterns. She says, “‘If I bruise a little then I’ll know’ means that I accept that opening my heart could open up old wounds. The inspiration was the literal heart I have tattooed on my wrist. Believe it or not, the same night I performed the song for the first time, was the night I allowed my heart to heal and open itself up to someone new.

“The outro features a voice note of one of my closest friends expressing the self-growth she’s witnessed within me. I wanted to add it because it described perfectly why I felt ready to love again.”

‘No Longer Fun’ is an electric guitar based track, filled with atmosphere and a deeply emotional vocal performance from Celine – “This song feels like the opposite of ‘Temporary Tattoo’ because it describes falling for someone but being afraid those feelings will change once they are reciprocated. ‘Hate the game but once it’s done, it’s no longer fun’, describes the fear that the person you are opening your heart up to is only in it for the chase. Creating and performing these songs has uplifted me in so many ways and I hope it can give others a sense of hope as well.”

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