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Photo credit: Nick Helderman

Loupe share new single ‘It’s Getting Wild, Getting Older’

Amsterdam indie rock quartet Loupe share the new single ‘It’s Getting Wild Getting Older’ taken from the upcoming debut album Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next, out June 16 via Excelsior Records.

Intricate finger-picked guitar lines, warming bass, tight drums and dappled glitching electronics create a vibrant, intertwining musical backdrop for the silky, emotive and subtly catchy lead vocals and story-telling lyricism to glide above. Atmospheric yet punchy – packing musical depth and beauty, the band showcase the kind of affecting songwriting and warming soundscapes that can be found across the upcoming 13-track release.

Exploring themes of young adulthood, life in the big city and human relationships, the bands capture personal experiences and cover relatable experiences with a poetic ease.

Speaking about the new single, Loupe share: “’It’s Getting Wild Getting Older’ is about how you can find yourself ending up somewhere thinking; Is this it? It’s about feeling really small in this big universe and wondering why and what it is we are here for.”

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