You are currently viewing Loveday unleashes her no boundaries brand of dream pop in ‘Peppermint’

Loveday unleashes her no boundaries brand of dream pop in ‘Peppermint’

Loveday is an artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ hailing from the West Midlands, UK. A rising woman in music, Loveday is influenced by other pop-woven artists such as Ellie Dixon and Lorde, with a multi-disciplined sound that travels far and beyond what we call pop music. She now continues on the momentum she has gained all by herself with fun-filled indie pop single ‘Peppermint’.

A no holds barred approach to pop, Loveday seamlessly breaks down the barriers in this modernised and edgy offering, where the song switches mood and dynamics so quickly, locking the listener in with the pop-woven and light-hearted lyricism. Cleverly layered harmonies and a vocal that commands your attention, ‘Peppermint’ seems to showcase Loveday’s full repertoire in this fascinating and ever changing track.

She says, “’Peppermint’ is about starting a new romance and not conforming to the rules and regulations of a “normal” relationship. It’s about being part of a romance that is refreshing and works for the people involved, without caring what less open minded people have to say about it. The song also expresses my confusion towards love; feeling that somebody is right for you but not being totally sure what that means. This song has great personal meaning to me because this is my life at the moment, I’m still living it.”

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