You are currently viewing RYL0 unveils campy new single ‘Loud Sex’

RYL0 unveils campy new single ‘Loud Sex’

RYL0 unveils ‘Loud Sex,’ a vivacious, euphoric extravaganza that mixes 80s pop aesthetics with contemporary production sensibilities and a lavish, sensual central theme. Once again produced by and written with Matias Mora and Cary Singer, the camp-infused ‘Loud Sex’ continues RYL0’s ascent into her popstar persona while retaining her tounge-in-cheek charisma.

‘Loud Sex’ sees RYL0 in full popstar form, charismatically singing over luxurious instrumentation. But for as large as the song sounds, RYL0 keeps it organic with her personable charm and ability to translate her singular interior world into relatable, catchy, and strikingly transportive songwriting.

She says of the track: “’Loud Sex’ is so much more than a song about simply having loud sex, and I wanted to make sure the final product felt as important as it did when I was first writing it.

“Last summer, I was going through an intense writer’s block between projects. I was traveling a lot, forgetting to make time for myself, and getting frustrated by my lack of inspiration. After a whole summer of wishing that something would just click, the lyrics came to me in one sitting while staying in a lake house north of Montreal. I woke up to catch the sunrise over the lake on my last day there, and in that peace & quiet I came up with the demo for ‘Loud Sex.’

“Yes, it’s a pop song with a simple concept and risqué lyrics, but it’s also meant to be a celebratory anthem of pure euphoria and transcendental intimacy. I’m sure that not everyone who hears it will understand the way that I do, but the ones that get it will definitely get it.”

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