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Photo credit: Charlotte Patmore

Lucy Gaffney releases new EP and shares new single/video ‘Boy Go’

Lucy Gaffney’s new EP Daydream In Tokyo is out now. Having already begun to introduce us to the EP with the escapist anthem ‘Daydream In Tokyo’, the glittering indie-pop of ‘Just Friends’ and the impossibly earworming ‘Make Me Smile’, we now hear the emotionally heavy and lyrically astute ‘Boy Go’.

Talking about the song, she says: “‘Boy Go’ is about the connection between two people who meet at very different times in their lives which stops them from being together and it creates a distance between them, however they both know an unspoken feeling remains. The lyrics speak of a dream where they have a conversation and are reunited in a moment that feels like happiness but there is an undercurrent of darkness and longing, as they both ask the question of ‘What if?’ without ever getting an answer. ‘Boy Go’ concludes by equally admitting and accepting the present instead of dreaming in the past.

“I wrote ‘Boy Go’ in the autumn of 2022 in Belfast with Ben Robinson and recorded it on the Isle Of Lewis at Black Bay Studios. It was produced by Thom Southern and Duncan Mills. The initial idea for the tone and melody of the song came from the rhythmic swaying of the first three chords I started playing in DADFAD tuning. I’d not previously done any writing in that tuning and the baggy, earthy elements that can be translated from it became a huge inspiration for my songwriting at that time.”

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