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Photo credit: Charlotte Patmore

Lucy Gaffney shares new single ‘Make Me Smile’

Lucy Gaffney is today sharing new single ‘Make Me Smile’, the latest to be taken from her forthcoming EP Daydream In Tokyo, out September 29. ‘Make Me Smile’ arrives on the heels of the hard-earned optimism of ‘Just Friends’ and the pure-cut indie-pop of recently released EP title track ‘Daydream In Tokyo’.

The inner conflict that stems from wanting two distinct things at once runs like a thread through much of Lucy Gaffney’s songwriting. The impossibly earworming ‘Make Me Smile’ is a textbook case in point. Here, dreams of living in an old, empty house without a care in the world contrast with a competing desire for someone to share it with.

“I’m really into architecture and the space where you live and dreaming where you could live,” says Gaffney. “This song is about wanting to belong and to escape at the same time. It’s about the darker side of yourself when you feel lost but it’s also about wanting someone to connect with.”

True to her knack for blending different elements of unfinished songs, ‘Make Me Smile’ is a feat of forging quiet with loud and heavy with soft. “A lot of my songwriting will start soft because it’s often easier to write melodies like that,” says Gaffney. “My brother Thom and I were messing around at the time with big guitar sounds and really wanted to make a song that would make people dance. I had a melody from another track and it just transformed it.”

Just as there are many sides to everybody, this song feels like a representation of Lucy Gaffney’s grittier element – like PJ Harvey’s ‘Down By The Water’ or ‘Song 2’ by Blur. Ultimately this track is all about letting loose.

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