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Lucy McWilliams releases her captivating new single ‘Slow Dancing’

Following on from the release of her warm and heartfelt single ‘Bumblebees And Blue Skies’ in October last year, emerging Irish singer and songwriter Lucy McWilliams returns for 2023 to deliver her captivating new offering ‘Slow Dancing’.

Continuing her heart-achingly beautiful approach to songwriting once again, ‘Slow Dancing’ sees her pursue a warm yet solemn sound this time around. With themes around loneliness and isolation at its core, her latest effort makes for an incredibly passionate and heartfelt listen from start to finish.

Adding about ‘Slow Dancing’, she said, “The song is about exploring loneliness and what you drive towards whilst in it. It’s about finding comfort in intimacy with strangers. I guess it’s easier sometimes to be close to people you don’t know and don’t really want to explore. Something blocks you from reality because they are not in your world and won’t ever be. Painting a picture of the life we want people to see and how we want to be perceived. It’s a lot easier to keep up a front if you never let people in.”

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