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Photo credit: Declan Kelly

Lucy McWilliams unveils soulful new single ‘Bumblebees and Blue Skies’

After captivating us with her shimmering single ‘Break My Own Heart’ alongside demos of ‘The Woman In Me’ and ‘Medication’ in recent months, emerging Irish singer and songwriter Lucy McWilliams is back once again with her soulful new offering ‘Bumblebees And Blue Skies’.

Offering up more of that sweet and lofty aesthetic she has cultivated for herself of late, ‘Bumblebees And Blue Skies’ marks one of the more elegant entries into her ever-growing catalogue. Capturing a warm and alluring atmosphere that perfectly elevates her sensual vocal performance, her newest release makes for a wonderfully sweet and alluring listen from start to finish.

Adding about ‘Bumblebees And Blue Skies’, she said, “I’ve had this song for so long so it’s crazy to have it out. I wrote the first half during lockdown, and I never found a place for it. About a year or so later I brought it to Charlie [Hugall] and Josh [McEwen] and we just completely opened a new door and messed with it for so long; I think that’s why I love it so much. Spending hours just going in and out of it to have it sound as it does now!

“I guess it’s the feeling of loving someone so dearly and knowing that you might not be good for each other but to savour what you do have while you still have it. I feel a lot of what I write touches on this, but “Bumblebees and Blue Skies” is the idea of running away and having your little world together until it breaks apart; in a fantastic world essentially.”

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