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Photo credit: Muriel Margaret

Madi Diaz releases new single ‘Everything Almost’

Nashville’s Madi Diaz will release her new album, Weird Faith, on February 9 via ANTI-. Following 2021’s History of a Feeling, Weird Faith renders a self-portrait that captures Diaz in a fleeting moment in time, hungrily alive and forever searching. Today, Diaz presents the album’s third single, the upbeat and cathartic new number, ‘Everything Almost.’

“’Everything Almost’ is about my constant wondering within a relationship,” comments Diaz. “How much should I be saying things out loud or am I saying too much out loud? What should I keep for myself? What’s mine that could become ours, that should become ours? What dreams are just mine that I could share with you only to discover they’re your dreams too? It’s an investigation of the depth of how far this thing could go. Am I allowed to keep some of me for me? Saying all of this out loud feels important. It is about realizing I can’t ever be everything for someone but maybe I can be almost everything.” Weird Faith answers these questions bluntly, and chronicles a new relationship, but also a new relationship to Diaz herself, exploring how anxiety-inducing — if not downright humiliating — falling in love can be.

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