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Mae Stephens releases infectious bop ‘Make Me Your Mrs’

Following a monumental year for the rising star, releasing their debut single and having her world turned upside down with her infectious, attitude-filled alt-bop ‘If We Ever Broke Up’, Kettering born 20-year-old Mae Stephens returns with the warmly affectionate offering ‘Make Me Your Mrs’ in celebration of Bachelor’s Day.

Bachelor’s Day, is an Irish tradition by which women propose to men on Leap Day, 29th February. Nestled between the romantic and tender soundscape lies Mae’s quirky persona as she braves the courage to ask the definitive question to a hopeful lover:

“If you don’t ask first / Ima make a move / And I don’t know what’s worse / Sitting here or waiting for you / You know I love you / Yeah I’ll admit it / So why the fuck can’t you just make me your mrs?”

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