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Photo credit: Patrick Schmetzer

Maryanna Devlin unveils new single ‘Cut and Run’

Boston-raised, Germany-based singer-songwriter Maryanna Devlin has released her latest single, ‘Cut and Run,’ a track from her forthcoming debut LP, A Great Many Things, due out on September 30.

In ‘Cut and Run,’ Devlin’s voice is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Ray, set against a dreamy backdrop with a fierce message. “For me, this song is about letting go of other people’s opinions and also about gaslighting,” she explains. “People saying things are different from how you remember them is messed up, and that’s basically what this is about. I could hardly sing anymore (I was seven months pregnant) so the producer had to do some singing to help me out,” she continues. “It’s really fun, and kind of has a vintage spy movie vibe—like driving around the desert in a sports car trying to catch the bad guy.”


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