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MAY releases new single ‘PHONE ME’

MAY has released her new single ‘PHONE ME’. Written, produced and performed by MAY, it is a stunning artistic statement and is being released on London label Foundation FM Records.

‘PHONE ME’ is playful and bold, the start of a new chapter for this multi-talented new artist based in London. It is deeply affecting, daring and confident. A Central Saint Martins fine art graduate, MAY is inspired by music, art, fashion and more, blending these to create something unique and irresistible, building a world that is set to grow and grow this year. Her songs feature gliding strings and characterful vocals that weave around muddy hip-hop-inspired beats. It’s a combination that adds up to something truly special in MAY’s hands.

MAY explains the track – “’PHONE ME’ pushes and pulls between the feeling of being completely out of control to having complete control. Through explosive distorted beats, and delicate melody, the track expresses frustrations with succumbing to our addictions whether being to technology, a habit, or to a person. Juxtaposed with a deep longing for that one thing we want the most. The changing tones of voice could be said to be different parts of me, exaggerated and humorous, playing with the idea of characters and versions of ourselves we play and flip between in our daily lives, showing both vulnerability and power.”

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