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Mayjor releases debut single ‘Blame Me’

London-based rising star Mayjor release her emphatic debut single ‘Blame Me’. Written by the singer-songwriter in the wake of Sarah Everard’s death last year, ‘Blame Me’ is a rallying call to arms raising awareness of the double standards surrounding women and sexual assault. Empowering with a universally relatable message, it’s a catchy as hell debut from a bright new talent with something to say.

Speaking on the track, Mayjor explains: “I think everyone remembers where they were when they found out about Sarah Everard, or at least remember how it made them feel. The fear was palpable. Over the next few days, conversations women had been having for years were finally being held on a national stage. It was being discussed everywhere, including the pub with my mates. One of my male best friends turned around and said “she shouldn’t have got in his car” and a few of the other lads mumbled in agreement. Something switched inside me and I became more pissed off than I ever had about victim blaming. Why the HELL is it always on us and NEVER on the men committing these acts of violence?! I got in the studio with my mate Jamie Rendle and the result was ‘Blame Me’ – a catchy song with a light sounding touch but which lyrically is talking about very current and needed conversations. A rallying cry for my sexy girls, guys, gays and theys who want to wear what they want, drink what they want and do what they want – none of which invites any unwanted behaviour. It’s the song I desperately want to blare in my car with the windows down but I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.”


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