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Photo credit: Rosa Spring Voss

Merryn Jeann shares wonderful new single ‘NUN AT THE AIRPORT’

Merryn Jeann reveals her hypnotizing new single ‘NUN AT THE AIRPORT’, produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Marianne Faithfull, Torres). Rich and Immersive, ‘NUN AT THE AIRPORT’ comes as a flawless fusion of Merryn Jeann’s pure vocal talent, poetic lyricism and dynamic visceral sound.

Inspired by a particularly surreal moment during the pandemic, ‘NUN AT THE AIRPORT’ is a melting pot of expression and imagination, transcending into a blissful, weightless escapism.

Sharing more behind the track, Merryn Explained; “‘NUN AT THE AIRPORT’ was written during a compulsory (and exxy) hotel quarantine in the Frankfurt airport on my way back to Australia (where I quarantined for another two weeks). The hotel was inside the airport, my room looking over the foyer which was even larger and more expansive than usual, in its dystopian emptiness, it’s lack of bustle and chaos.

“One morning I saw a gaggle of nuns walking about the foyer, with their suitcases trailing behind them up the escalator. The scene of them ascending in this surreal setting gave me the idea for this story- a nun is feeling disconnected and far from God/the spirits, so she decides the only way to understand what’s happening is to talk to god so she hops in a plane to physically get closer to them/her/him/it.”

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