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Photo credit: Rosa Spring Voss

Merryn Jeann shares alt-pop-bop ‘ME B4 U’

Merryn Jeann reveals ‘ME B4 U’ which arrives as the second single to be teased from her upcoming, first full length album DOG BEACH coming via her co-founded label Rescue + Return Records on February 23.

Born from the complexities of navigating romance, ‘ME B4 U’ is a gorgeous display of self-discovery and mindfulness, taking shape as a playful alternative pop song. Merryn Jeann is a multidimensional artist, exploring both visual and sonic arts. Her sound embodies a rich world of creativity that transports listeners into her blissful, one of a kind universe.

Produced by Rob Ellis (known for his work with PJ Harvey), the new single is accompanied by a self-directed video, featuring Merryn’s niece, Eden Rain, who also co-directed the video. Endearing and playful it brings the audio to life and serves as an intriguing and enticing insight into the poetic intricacies of Merryn Jeann.

In the video, Merryn Jeann is a teenager, who is realizing that she shouldn’t give too much of herself away to other people. She knows there is more to explore in the world and embarks on her odyssey of self-discovery. Sharing more, Merryn Jeann explained: “It’s a song about understanding that one must surrender themself to one’s life before the ability of truly bringing someone in and feeling good around them too. I guess you can still really love someone even if you’re a bit rocky with yourself, as long as there’s self reflection and the willingness to get to know yourself alongside them/the relationship. It’s also a coming of age song I’ve envisioned people listening to in the car, windows down and hands playing with the wind like in every indie love film ever.”

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