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Photo credit: Grayce Leonard

M(h)aol share new single ‘Bored Of Men’

After releasing their critically acclaimed debut EP Gender Studies last year, today M(h)aol return with new single ‘Bored Of Men’. They also announce they’re set to play further festivals including Latitude Festival and Pitchfork Paris.

Singer Róisín Nic Ghearailt says of the track, “I wrote the lyrics of this song in a matter of minutes while we were recording together. The ideas had obviously been fermenting in my head for a while, and it was written during that extremely disconcerting & alarmingly public court case. The title of the song is very tongue in cheek for me, but it does reference a very real sense of frustration and exhaustion with the Patriarchy. When I say the Patriarchy I don’t mean individuals (although they can obviously perpetuate it), I mean institutional and structural oppression.”

She adds “I’m bored with the conversation in the media solely focusing on damage that’s been done rather than thinking of ways to evolve and heal and challenge the systems that prop these individuals up. I’m bored of always just talking about men.“


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