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Mirrorball unveil new single ‘Tinsel For A Tear’

Today, Mirrorball unveil ‘Tinsel for a Tear,’ the anticipated single from their upcoming EP produced by Chris Coady.

After releasing their debut dream pop concoctions, ‘This Time’ and ‘Natural World’ on Dangerbird Records in 2019, they caught the ear of producer Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House). The trio met at Chris’s studio at Sunset Sound and agreed to record some songs together.

Their subsequent touring schedule was majorly disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this came a silver lining, Mirrorball were blessed with time to further cement and fine tune their sound. The result is their latest single, ‘Tinsel for a Tear.’ Produced and mixed by Coady, the track was recorded over the course of the pandemic at his studio.

‘Tinsel For a Tear’ is an unapologetic song about becoming disillusioned while holding on to the cracked beauty of old friendships and old hopes. A hectic doomsday romp on a sunny playground if it were a memory. Fleetwood Mac as seen through the multi-facets of a mirror ball. Of the single, Alexandra Johnstone states “I wrote the lyrics when I was going through the absurdity of New Years’ Eve in a rapidly changing Los Angeles.”


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