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Photo credit: Ron Kedmi

Miss Velvet shares new single/video ‘Long Way Home’

LA-based rocker Miss Velvet kicks off a new era with the release of a brand new single entitled ‘Long Way Home,’ alongside an accompanying video.

On the track, she wrote: “Sometimes, a path to where you need to be is long and winding, whether that be personal or a relationship. My path to finding my partner took us in separate directions after a breakup for ten years. I went off to find who I was and he went off to find who he was. We both lived these lives in search of who we were alone without one another. After 10 years apart, we came back together and I said to myself I took the ‘long way home’ to knowing who I was alone as my own person and who I am with him. The song has these shifts of big sonic dynamics and little soft nuances that embody the paradox of one’s journey in life to also come home to oneself.”

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