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Molly Buchan releases new single ‘Ocean On The Moon’

Transporting listeners into the painfully beautiful realm of emotion, Molly Buchan unveils her new single ‘Ocean On The Moon,’ a raw, sombre and wonderfully cathartic experience that will leave listeners with a strong desire for more. Based out of Dublin, Ireland, Molly Buchan showcases her prowess as a songwriter with this stunning piece of honest lyricism.

With ethereal weaving vocals and intricate guitar licks, ‘Ocean On The Moon’ encapsulates the complexity of managing human emotion and how the circumstances surrounding the people we love can sometimes blur our moral values. Buchan expertly crafts an emotional subtext here that is as thought-provoking as it is delightful to listen to.

Reflecting on the track, Buchan stated; “To me, this song is about the emotional toll of placing the care of someone else above your own needs and values. I see myself as an optimist and opportunist and have been perceived as naive and having my head in the clouds because of it. ‘Ocean On The Moon’ expresses feelings of frustration towards someone you love who is struggling, yet not actively trying to improve their circumstances. This is a journey you can only take by yourself, so it can be difficult to feel like you’re watching from the sidelines or to feel as though you’re not doing enough to help. “Ocean On The Moon’ for me represents the journey of finding peace and tranquillity within yourself and trying to help the people you love feel deserving of happiness”.

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