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Neev announces debut album Katherine & shares new single ‘Fast Patterns’

Since the release of her debut single in 2019, Glaswegian artist Neev has built a reputation for discovering beauty in the small details. On April 28, the now London-based musician is set to release her debut album, Katherine, a collection of intricate indie-folk songs that pack a lyrical punch.

Today, Neev has shared her new single ‘Fast Patterns’. Written from the point of view of an imperfect friend, the song is about not knowing how to be there for someone in their darkest moments. It asks how far you should go for a friend in need and at what point you need to take a step back.

Katherine carries all of the trademark sounds of Neev’s previous releases. Acoustic guitars, soaring string arrangements and layered backing vocals can be found throughout, but this time they’re bigger, at times, calling to mind artists like Marika Hackman and Fenne Lily. Every song on Katherine is tied to the idea of identity.

The album’s title encapsulates the record’s essence. “Katherine is a common name in my family and it’s also my middle name,” says Neev. “So whilst it has a personal meaning, it also exists in a few different ways. I named the album Katherine because it touches on the themes of family, identity and the different identities one person can hold within themselves.”


  1. Seawall
  2. Green
  3. Without Warmth
  4. You Shouldn’t Hate Your Teeth
  5. Built Your Body
  6. I Can Be Sorry
  7. The House
  8. Fast Patterns
  9. Will I Change You
  10. Hard Lines
  11. Out of the Blue

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