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Photo credit: Guro Sommer

Mörmaid shares new single ‘The Longest Day’

Mörmaid, aka Oslo producer / songwriter Live Sollid, a former jazz student with touchstones including Grimes, fka Twigs and SOPHIE, recently announced details of her debut EP. The five-track Push Pull will be released November 18 via Beat Palace, and today she shares new single ‘The Longest Day’.

A hyperpop mini-masterpiece, with manipulated and mutated vocals set against a more beat-driven background, ‘The Longest Day’ represents the feelings of apathy, loneliness and stagnation felt by many during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I think many artists have their ‘pandemic songs’ that they wrote during Covid, and “The Longest Day” is mine,” she says. “Every day can look the same and I often felt like I wasn’t moving forward. Plus I found the uncertainty of when the situation would change to be both distressing and numbing at the same time.

“Obviously this state of mind can also set in outside of a global pandemic, so I’m hoping that this song can be a sort of comfort for those who are feeling this way at any point in life.”


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