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Photo credit: Guro Sommer

Mörmaid shares new single ‘We Love We Dive’

Mörmaid, aka Oslo producer / songwriter Live Sollid, a former jazz student with touchstones including Grimes, fka Twigs and SOPHIE, is excited to announce details of her debut EP. The five-track Push Pull will be released November 18 via Beat Palace, and she shares its opening track ‘We Love We Dive’.

The six-minute single is unashamedly maximal, with synthesizers and sequencers whirring forwards and rhythms intertwining. Probing live electronics and sampling, field recordings and vocal process to manipulate her sound is something that’s within Mörmaid’s both spirit and practice. ‘We Love We Dive’ encapsulates that perfectly, with Sollid’s vocal sometimes pushed right up close to the speaker, or opened up so that it feels like it’s trying to fill a cavernous space without breaking the emotional thread.

Mörmaid says: “‘We Love We Dive’ is probably the first love song I’ve ever written. It’s primarily hopeful and positive, but it also addresses that a romantic relationship isn’t always easy and wonderful. People and relationships are flawed, but surely we want what’s real – including the struggles that come with it – because that’s the most fulfilling kind of love, I think.”


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