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Photo credit: Izzy Burns

MOZË embraces the calm and the chaos in mesmerising single ‘Saving’

Those who know MOZË (Mo-zee) know of her innate penchant to dream and wonder but also the passion and yearning she brings to her craft and her desire to create and compel change. With all her might, from the calm to the chaos, this Melbourne/ Naarm-based neo-soul/ alt-pop artist is releasing her heart-rending single ‘Saving’ via Squinked Records.

Packed with shimmering textures, swelling crescendos and undeniable passion ‘Saving’ is a colourful fusion between organic instrumental and electronic sounds while putting Marshall’s intoxicating vocal prowess front and centre. This evolving slow-burner moves through a sparse and delicate soundscape, transforming into an electro-power ballad that bursts with life, complete with live strings, an electronic beat, and hypnotic layering of synths.

True to its title, ‘Saving’ captures the emotion and anticipation of saving everything for when your dreams become something you can feel. As MOZË explains: “I wanted to allude to my ability to dream and wonder, a core part of my soul. The danger of this is its power to take you away from the present moment, to build expectations that are not balanced with certainty. When I perform Saving, my dream manifests itself at the moment and becomes real.”


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