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Puma June shares new single/video ‘Ride Or Die’

Toronto’s Puma June wants to continue to change the conversation in pop music – pushing discussions on the hard truths and painful pasts that shape us into the people we become. Her music centers around regaining power in one’s life and the duality of people. With a clear political point of view, Puma June has a particular focus on women’s rights, familial trauma, and the struggle of being an artist in a world that under-appreciates art.

Her latest single, ‘Ride or Die,’ is a light soulful bop dusted with funk. The inspiration of the track comes as an ode to the relationship with her twin sister Vale. “It’s a beautiful thing to have a person in your life who you know will remain by your side, through thick and thin, forever. For me, that’s my sister. This song is for her,” says Puma June.

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