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Neev releases pensive new single ‘Seawall’

With an inherent talent for unearthing beauty in the finer details, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Neev creates music that leaves a mark. Teaming her effortless lyricism with elegant, acoustic melodies, Neev shares her evocative new single ‘Seawall’; a track that sees her unravelling the notions of fatigue with a blissful ease.

Entirely self-produced and mixed by Neev – and released via Trapped Animal Records – ‘Seawall’ weaves tender guitar tones through a myriad of soft but structured instrumentation. With its cushioned acoustics echoing a ethereal nature, the track’s calming soundscape is constructed with striking vocal harmonies, floating highs and a refreshing airiness. Heavily inspired by an Andrew Scott-led play, ‘Seawall’ is an introspective cut penned by an artist whose eye for detail is first-class.

“I wrote ‘Seawall’ a few years back, as lockdown hit. I’d watched the play Seawall during lockdown which written for and performed by Andrew Scott, I’d seen it in the theatre too, and it’s a play that shares a monologue where the central character offhandedly refers to a hole in the middle of their stomach,” explains Neev. “This kind of fed into my song writing, focusing on the themes surrounding fatigue and stretching yourself too thin which became represented by a hole in the stomach. Hence the lyrics: ‘I know that there’s a hole, take no notice’. And: ‘What a way to exist, you’ve been polite ignoring this hole’.”


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