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Photo credit: Sophie Paris

néomí returns with emotive new single ‘Your Girl’

Following on from the release of her stunning second EP after in April this year, néomí, aka Surinamese/Dutch folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman, has now returned to deliver her emotive new single ‘your girl’.

Adopting a more euphoric dream-pop-inspired aesthetic this time around, ‘your girl’ sees her step away from the acoustic-led direction she has been building these last few years. As she prepares for the release of her long-awaited debut album in 2024, we are seeing the first snippets of where she plans to take her distinctive sound next.

Adding about ‘your girl’, she said, “‘your girl’ has more meaning than just a simple ‘this is what the song is about’. For the first time I’ve started to write music not from a place of sadness, but a place of anger. It has a lot to do with my personal growth as a human being and therefore as an artist.

“‘your girl’ is about people (whether known personally to you or not) painting a picture ‘you’ using their own words, their stories, their interpretation of who they think you are today, or you should be tomorrow or how you were in the past. It is about realising that you are no longer playing yourself in your own ‘movie’ but instead find yourself trying to fulfil how others see you in their own ‘movie’. You lose yourself to another ‘you’ and become another character because of that. I noticed I was playing up to a character of how others around me saw me and had to work very hard to find myself again.

“Of course, would it be a néomí song without a bit of love? Haha. I was hurt by a loved one, and watched as that person hurt someone they love and visa versa.

“So there you go: I’ve got another love song for you. Again, the song is more than just that, to me it has different layers so I’m not sure more words would help, just listen and find out yourself what you feel. Maybe one day we can talk about it 🙂 “

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