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Lisa Canny sheds the negatives with new single ‘Snakeskin’

Lisa Canny has done it again. The Irish singer returns with an anthem of empowerment about leaving behind those who wronged her on her newest track ‘Snakeskin’. After making waves earlier this year with ‘Know It All’, she continues to master his unique counterculture style on this entrancing new track.

‘Snakeskin’ is a battle cry, a call to arms. Canny rallies her listeners through a blend of RnB, electronica and folk-pop, her dynamic vocals painting a vivid picture of growth, self-worth, and becoming whole again. This track came from a personal place for Canny, with her discussing the origins of the song and how it relates to an upsetting real life event that she chose to turn from tragedy to triumph.

“’Snakeskin’ is about me finding out, minutes before going live for a TV performance that my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me. The situation at hand forced me to make a quick decision. Either I could fall apart and let it ruin my day or I could just immediately forget him – shedding his BS and all the hurt he caused and moving on in my shiny new skin. Needless to say, I chose the latter, smashed my performance, felt empowered af and got this song out of the whole fiasco. Winning!”


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