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Photo credit: Matt Horseman

Nico Paulo shares new single ‘Time’

St John’s-based Portuguese artist Nico Paulo shares new single ‘Time’. Her debut self-titled album is due April 7 via Forward Music Group.

Nico’s vocals hit an absolute sweet spot on ‘Time’, especially in the title phrase, and Joshua Van Tassel’s lilting percussion and immaculate production support her beautifully.

Here is a quote from Nico on the song: “‘Time’ is a song about friendship, admiration and change. It’s a dialogue between two characters that investigates the discrepancies between them — one is more rigid and one is more free. This song is the coming together and the nuance and beauty created by two opposing perspectives. They unite in a dance that forces them to reckon with time. And in this moment of change, they realize that they’re maybe not so different after all.”

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