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Photo credit: Bex Day

niina returns with new single and video ‘gimme gimme’

Following the success of her breakthrough EP 100 dollar bill, unstoppable producer niina today returns with her new single ‘gimme gimme’.

Reintroducing herself as an enigmatic female collective, niina has become a shimmering reflection of our own human duality and a muse within her own right. A tongue-in-cheek flex of greed, ‘gimme gimme’ is about the hustle but also having fun in the process. It’s about the slow burn of trying to climb your way up within the creative industry and the camaraderie and good times that comes with it.

Speaking on the track, niina explains: “this track feels a bit wicked in character to me, I think the difficulties within the industry really teach you to have to be a patient, quiet force making smart decisions in order to win in this game. This track is about playing the game until we win, and of course, become very shamelessly wealthy.”

On the video niina adds: “this was a lot of fun to shoot. We only had two hours to shoot the video because (ironically) we couldn’t afford the limo for any longer than that. The concept was built around having a night out and the peaks and lulls that happen within this, it’s essentially a group of niina girls having a lovely time.”

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