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niina announces her debut album honestly, does this smell off to you? with lead single ‘summer high’

This week sees one of electronic music’s most versatile emerging talents niina announce her feel-good and ambitious debut album honestly, does this smell off to you?, due for release on August 8 via ADA. To celebrate the announcement, niina has shared the body-moving lead single ‘summer high’.

‘summer high’ is a homage to bliss-filled summer moments of abandoning your problems on the dancefloor and an anthemic celebration of women as niina explains: “I just want to really celebrate women – there’s so much incredibleness to being a woman and any opportunity I can take to empower myself or others is a good thing. I made the song last year and I actually envisaged the video for it really early on. It’s about getting fire in your tummy and just letting loose, going out and feeling limitless. It’s a moment of not questioning the world and blocking out anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.”

Trusting the process is integral to niina’s debut album, whether it’s lighthearted lyrical observations or tackling dark emotions, niina’s songwriting tells the story of a twenty-something who’s winging it through life and rebelling against the comedown of adulthood. Her unfiltered creativity and ambition is what sets her apart from her peers, combining the sentiment of her previous two EPs while also carving out new musical territory that sees her beginnings in alt-pop now evolve into dance music proper. An empowering, confessional album, it was written, recorded and produced entirely by niina from her bedroom and celebrates self-acceptance, creating a space for people to sing, dance, cry and not take life too seriously.

honestly, does this smell off to you?:

  1. hi, I’m niina
  2. there she goes!
  3. girls just wanna have fun
  4. finding bliss
  5. answer to your problem
  6. finding bliss (interlude)
  7. limousine
  8. dilute
  9. body aches
  10. summer high
  11. mp3
  12. 3 days

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