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Photo credit: Joshua R Drakes

Nxdia unveils heated new single ‘Jennifer’s Body’

With their pop-punk melodies and angsty energy, Manchester’s fast rising alt-pop star Nxdia has quickly mobilised a loyal following. It’s been a whirlwind of a year already for Nxdia, who released their viral hit ‘She Likes A Boy’ in January, but they couldn’t wait any longer to put out their fiery new single ‘Jennifer’s Body’, out today.

Paying tribute to the cult classic film of the same title, Jennifer’s Body sees Nxdia detail the dangerous hold of the femme fatale across a pulsating yet melodic slice of alt-pop magic.

Speaking about the track, Nxdia writes: “’Jennifer’s Body’ is inspired by the cult film of the same name and is about a time in my life I kinda threw myself into a toxic situationship…not something i’d usually do but I was in a weird place and got drawn into it…a bit like a moth to a flame. The song is an ode to the strange dynamic jennifer and needy have in the movie…when i rewatched it after writing the song it felt kinda funny and relatable – treating yourself as expendable just to have someone’s attention for a while…pretty strange, but humans are, aren’t they? that’s the thing.”

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