You are currently viewing Leila Jane delivers infectious new dreamy pop single ‘Tightrope’

Leila Jane delivers infectious new dreamy pop single ‘Tightrope’

Leila Jane is a talented singer-songwriter in the Alternative Pop genre, based in Dublin. With vocals that have been compared to the likes of Janis Joplin, Sandy Denny, Jess Glynn, Robyn and Sia, Leila Jane has been successfully melding her influences to create her own style of alternative pop. As well as honing her sound, Leila Jane likes to infuse her songs with strong messages of triumph over darkness.

‘Tightrope’, Leila Jane’s new single, is a captivating example of her exploration into the electro-pop realm. The song stands out for its darker tone, which adds an emotional depth to the track.

In this track, Leila Jane boldly validates the feelings of anyone who has found themselves caught up in a narcissistic relationship and been made to feel like they are crazy. It eloquently highlights the conflicting emotions around an empath’s addiction to the narcissist. “I’m intoxicated by your empty stare, knowing full well that no good love comes from there”, and ultimately leads the listener towards a message of hope in realising the strength of a more nurturing love “I’m not going to settle down so I might as well be brave’’.

To create this emotive electro-piece, Leila Jane worked with electronic producer Michael Heffernan. Additionally, the song received preliminary production from Molly Mansukhani, which helped to craft the track’s sound.

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