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Olivia Dean releases brand new single ‘Time’

Following the success of her debut album Messy, multi-BRIT and Mercury-nominated singer-songwriter Olivia Dean releases her brand-new single, ‘Time’, via EMI Records.

Premiered at her triple-sold out London Hammersmith Apollo headline show, and released nearly a year after her breakout album, Olivia continues to showcase her effortless versatility. Opening with an acoustic guitar and drum melody which is a mainstay throughout the track, ‘Time’ was produced by Zac Nahome and co-written by Max Wolfgang, Bastian Langebaek, and Matt Hales and introduces us to a bold new sound for the singer, diverging from her previous more mellow, neo-soul tracks.

Recorded in a single take, a new method for the 25-year-old Londoner, the song draws inspiration from the melodic styles of British superstars such as David Bowie and The Beatles, and lyrically hones in on subjects Olivia has touched upon before – love, growth and change. Emulating the rock sound of music legend Tina Turner, ‘Time’ infuses a fresh rock element into her music, with a heavy electric guitar component which can be seen as a departure from previous tracks such as ‘Ok Love You Bye’, from her debut 2021 EP, Love Songs 2021.

Of ‘Time’ Olivia said: “‘Time; was born out of the frustrating feeling of not having enough of it. It’s about wanting to be ambitious, experience the world, and do everything while still feeling connected to the ones you love. It’s a real balancing act, especially as a woman. So, the song moves between these two worlds, dreamy and serene, then wild and chaotic, as life often is!

“It’s pretty much a completely live, one-take of me and my band just playing in a room together as we have been on tour. It feels so different from what I’ve made before, sonically of course, but also in its energy. I’m really excited about that.”

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