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Photo credit: Eddin Martinez

Paytra inspires young women everywhere with new single ‘Breaking Glass Ceilings’

Paytra has released her visceral new single, ‘Breaking Glass Ceilings,’ a powerful alternative-pop and rock track highlighting the motivation of having to overcome barriers in a male-dominated world.

‘Breaking Glass Ceilings’ is filled with motivational lyrics and aggressive, lively instrumentation. Following her latest release, ‘You Got The Sauce,’ a passionate and upbeat track with R&B undertones celebrating individuality, Paytra continues her fearless approach in the industry as a talented and influential rockstar. Her ability to connect with all women through her empowering lyrics emphasizes that she should not be underestimated. An unapologetic anthem for underdogs, ‘Breaking Glass Ceilings’ prompts the listeners to welcome and accept their inner power and unstoppable energy. Her lively cadence and tone allow her to conquer and outshine those who have tried to diminish her ability as a strong woman and future star in the industry. “I was raised to never doubt myself and that I could do anything a man could do. So once I got into the real world and realized other people HADN’T been raised that way… and that I had to work even harder to get the same respect as the men in the room– I felt rage. That’s what this song represents to me,” explains Paytra. She has made it clear that she is here to stay and that she will not be overlooked or outshined.

“I’m going to bust down the door and make sure I make it happen.” Her hungry mentality and communication with the audience shine through her well-thought-out words, pushing people to pursue their dreams and not worry about what others think of them, which manifests her power in the industry and showcases her extreme potential. “To any girl reading this… know that it will be hard. You will be treated differently because of being a woman. But also know that it’s okay to bust down the door if it’s not being opened for you.”

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