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Photo credit: Sara Carpentieri

Phoebe Green releases new single ‘Embarrass Me’

Manchester’s brightest rising star, Phoebe Green, returns with her new single ‘Embarrass Me’; an expansive and cinematic expression of self, which sees the artist bear her soul with her celestial vocal atop thrilling production courtesy of Steph Marziano (Picture Parlour, Bartees Strange, Hayley Williams). The single is the first track to be shared from her new EP Ask Me Now set for release on May 24.

Speaking about the single, Phoebe notes “It’s about mourning something before it’s over – being aware of a dynamic and the repetition of it but feeling completely trapped. I love emotional pop music so much, I feel like I can only do that when I’ve mostly healed from something otherwise I want it to sound as miserable as I feel (lol), but I think there is a franticness that comes with grief that makes me not want to be still, and a relief that comes with feeling distance from it now.”

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