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Photo credit: Jarrad Levy

PRISCILLA delight with their new single ‘Lose Control’

Boorloo/Perth-based duo PRISCILLA have released another incredible sensory smash: ‘Lose Control’.

In ‘Lose Control’, P Gardner’s voice gracefully carries the track’s plea for surrender straight to the heart, powerfully punctuated by synth bursts that beat alongside. The pared back verses hold ample space, welcoming the glittery cascades of Luke Minness’ twinkly production and granting them attention to oscillate and catch the light. It’s easy to picture a packed dancefloor or sweaty festival crowd dancing along in a powerful moment of euphoric bliss, a vision that will soon become a reality.

‘Lose Control’ is angry at the world, but celebratory of the strength found in community and the euphoria that can be experienced when surrounded by people who affirm and understand. P states: “Feeling safe in your own environment, taking up space, or feeling at home in your own body are some things that others may take for granted because they have never had to think about it. Not all of us get to experience a secure sense of feeling comfortable and safe enough to completely let go, lose control, and be ourselves without fear of the external consequences coming from hateful and loveless places.”

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