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PREMIERE: Floss Jordan bares all on evocative synth pop gem ‘Salt’

Rising London-based singer-songwriter and musician Floss Jordan is poised to release her new single ‘Salt’ tomorrow through Bright Star Records but you can hear it here first on SMM today.

‘Salt,’ a starkly earnest song that merges genres and draws inspiration from artists such as Christine & the Queens and Björk, wonderfully encapsulates the spirit of Floss’ sound and lyrical prowess. It channels a refreshing honesty and vitality.

Inspired by a number of toxic relationships, Floss comments that “the song is about the juxtaposition of saltwater being cleansing, but also corrosive. That feeling when you have been swimming in saltwater, and you cannot get the salt off your skin. A metaphor for a relationship, salt brings a feeling of wellness, cleansing and detoxification. However, as the relationship evolved, the manipulation and toxicity started to intensify. There was the need to wash these layers away as they are becoming corrosive, like anything exposed to the elements over time.”

The song is also paired with an expertly crafted and intriguing music video that places emphasis on Floss’s modelling and choreography skills while incorporating special effects to further the song’s message. Of the video director Rebecca Phillips says: “I wanted to explore the wounding yet transformative relationship we may have with ourselves when we find we are trapped in a toxic place. Salt is a vital mineral which we cannot live without, however too much salt can be harmful and of course salt in a cut stings. The video utilises organic forms in a synthetic universe, an abrasive mix of digital and film footage and makes us consider our relationship to sentience – it asks the viewer to consider the link between transformation and destruction”.

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