You are currently viewing PRONOUN releases new single/video ‘i haven’t felt like me’

PRONOUN releases new single/video ‘i haven’t felt like me’

One women indie-bedroom-arena-rock artist, PRONOUN, has released a new single called ‘i haven’t felt like me’. The song is accompanied by a 90’s teen heartthrob inspired, and arguably camp, music video directed by Jax Anderson.

“I wrote this on a drive back to Brooklyn from the holiday break in winter 2023/2024,” says PRONOUN aka Alyse Vellturo. “It’s about messing something up before it even started and feeling in limbo.” In true PRONOUN fashion, the song is filled with shimmering guitar riffs guiding the listener through the story of a fumbled first shot. “So I guess this is over, I’ve officially blown it. The next steps for me are forgetting that moment”, she sings, swallowing her pride.

‘i haven’t felt like me’ is the first single from an upcoming EP to be released this summer. It follows the single ‘SLAP ME IN THE FACE’, which was released last year.

The music video was filmed in Los Angeles and will take anyone over the age of 28 down a nostalgic swoon worthy lane with nods to Ryan Cabrera, Avril Lavigne, and 98° most popular music videos.

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