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PRONOUN shares new single/video ‘Slap Me In The Face’

PRONOUN is BACK; the artist moniker of Alyse Vellturo, has released a new one two punch single and video for ‘SLAP ME IN THE FACE’. It’s her first release in over two years, following the release of the OMG I MADE IT EP in 2021.

“’SLAP ME IN THE FACE’ is about a crazy night in with someone that turned into an internal joke of what if the world was literally fucking you,” explains Vellturo on the lyrics of the song. “It’s about wanting a better situation but giving in and getting stuck in a moment where everything doesn’t feel horrible.This song poured out of me in one sitting; written, recorded, and produced in one day. The songs I feel the most about, always seem to come this way.”

The accompanying video shows Vellturo being absolutely pelted by dodgeballs coming at her at every angle. “Given the title, I always imagined getting somehow slapped in the face in slow motion,” Vellturo says. “When putting a mood board together for the new PRONOUN era I was reminded of one of my favorite scenes in a movie. I <3 Huckabees is a film I could watch everyday until the end of time and discover a new easter egg. At one point Mark Wahlberg and Jason Schwartzmen end up on a log in the park together taking turns thwacking each other in the face with a red rubber ball until they feel a moment of nothingness. They call it “the ball thing”. It fit how I was feeling perfectly when making this song. From that moment I knew it needed to be me standing in a studio getting absolutely destroyed with red dodgeballs.”

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