You are currently viewing jazzygold releases new soul-pop single ‘lonely afterparties’

jazzygold releases new soul-pop single ‘lonely afterparties’

Faroese singer jazzygold is releasing her new single ‘lonely afterparties’ via Tutl Record. After the success of her first two singles ‘boring like me’ and ‘dyed my hair red’, and a series of live exhibitions around Europe, jazzygold is back with another soul-pop gem.

‘lonely afterparties’ dives into the post-night out experience, “resonating with those who crave the continuation of the high but find themselves stuck in lacklustre afterparties. This track serves as a perfect companion, offering comfort and empathy to those nursing hangovers and feeling left out, providing a soundtrack that understands and soothes during those moments of self-pity” – she says.

jazzygold invites listeners to embrace vulnerability and find solace in the relatable journey depicted in ‘lonely afterparties,’ where the longing for a never-ending night meets the reality of the morning after.

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